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We are one-of-a-kind brands that create an innovative swing pieces for your homes.

Elos Innovation

Getting furniture for our house is such a tedious yet exciting task. Choosing sofa sets, dining tables, television units, etc., are some basic requirements of people. One thing that all of us desire but leave the drop of having in our house is a swing or ‘jhoola’ (Hindi translation). This is because many people believe that only those with outdoor spacing or a giant and spacious house can get a swing in their home, which is not valid. Many of us think this way because of improper understanding of the interior, improper planning before designing a house, or just plain unavailability of enough options to choose from. 


Your dream of getting a swing will no more be only limited to being archived in your galleries and your Pinterest clipboards. Because Elos Innovation will make it come true. The usual concern that people have when a thought of getting a swing inside their pops up in their mind is the incompatibility between the dimensions of their homes and the sizes of swings available. Elos Innovation exactly takes care of this. Whether you are someone who loves swinging or want to add a swing just as a piece of interior décor, the only place you need to come to is Elos Innovation.

Our Product

There are many kinds of swings available in the market today. Thus, there is a lot of confusion about choosing the right one for your home. People drop the thought of getting any majorly because of the unaffordable prices and incompatible sizes. The products at Elos Innovation, thus, are an outcome of a lot of views on the root issue. The swings are designed by keeping in mind the choices of customers and, of course, their comfort. Everyone enjoys swinging from old-aged people to middle-aged ones and especially kids. So, this product is perfect for making them happy and content.


We are one-of-a-kind brands that create an innovative swing pieces for your homes.

A swing for every house

We intend to make you have fun on a swing, irrespective of the space. Our product is for everyone and fits in every house.

Personalized fitting

Be worry-free about the fitting of the piece in your space because our qualified mechanics will take care of everything right from installation to repairing personally.

Quality ensured

As much as we believe in making your wish of having a swing in your house come true, we also ensure that the product is safe installation and smooth working.



My son was always demanding for the swing but due to lack of the space in my house it isn't possible to install swing. Then I came to know about Elos Innovation. They had the perfect solution of my problem. So I installed their swing in my home and now my big problem is solved. Thanks to Elos Innovation and team.
Sushil Shinde
Working Professional
I was looking for improvement in my home interiror, some special kind of interior which can beutify my home and solve issue of my mother in law who like to swing in free times. One of my friend share information about Elos Innovation and I visited the owner house to see actual product. I was surprised with the swing product and I purchased it by the next day itself.
Sambhavna Patel
Elos Innovation solved porblems of two person, me and my wife. Actually my wife wanted some good looking jhoomar in main hall of our home and I want swing. I showed my wife swing product of Elos Innovation and she was impressed with it and after installing that swing problems of both of us was solved.
Vedant Bhavshar



You need to provide us Ceiling box(frame) for fitting the swing in the house. We will provide you with the size of the box. After fitting the box you need to apply veneer or sunmica on the borders. That’s it and we will fit a beautiful swing in your house.

Minimal maintenance. Our swing does not require any special care or maintenance.

Long Lasting. Our swing is manufactured using high-quality materials that stay for a very long period of time.

We are using Steel, Glass, Acrylic, and more standard materials to make a strong swing.

Yes. We can provide a custom design as per your requirements.

Yes, after installation we provide 1 year of warranty. The warranty comes under some conditions like Glass and Scratches not covered in the warranty. Also, there should not be any tampering with a swing to claim a warranty.

At the time of start or stop, when the swing is coming down or going up, don’t do anything with the swing. That’s it.