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About Us

Owner: Elos Innovation is born out of the innovative and intelligent mind of Jentibhai Ranpariya. The idea of fulfilling people’s desire to have a swing in their comfort zones, i.e., their homes, was his vision. His exceptional creativity and ability to think beyond limits also solved many problems before this. Mr. Jentibhai Malviya has also applied for the patent of the unique product of Elos Innovation which is this swing. So, if you want something like this to be a part of this house, it could be readily available to you. 

Mission: At Elos Innovation, we have a clear mission with a meaningful vision. We want to provide the same swing experience to every homeowner regardless of space in the home. With that, we also have a laser-targeted focus on safety, quality, and stylish product manufacturing. We want to become the one-stop solution for an interior swing product for you. We are aiming to install our swing in every state of India till 2025. We are working hard to complete our mission with 99.99% customer satisfaction.


Elos Innovation envisions making you experience the same fun you have when visiting a park to enjoy swinging. It aims to overcome all the space, budget, style, safety, and quality hurdles that become a concern in selecting a swing for your home. Those pieces that you see on fancy websites, magazines, and catalogs could easily be a part of your home. This swing will add a touch of beauty and fun to the interior of your house. And this is all that Elos Innovations intends for.